We’re super excited to be opening the doors again. Whilst we get up and running there’s a few things we feel we should point out to you all;
  • We’re only going to be open for limited hours/ days to begin with. Monday – Wednesday 12 – 9 Thursday – Saturday 12 – 10 and Sunday 12-7. We will in time open up more days and longer hours but for now, we have to keep our costs as low as possible
  • Our capacity is limited, so we strongly recommend booking, even if it’s just for drinks
  • We will have hand sanitiser at the front door, please use it before entering
  • We will not be accepting cash. It’s card payments only, one card per table to limit contact
  • Table bookings are for 2 hours. Please arrive at your designated time as this helps us manage bottlenecks and please respect your finish time
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late we may cancel your booking
  • We will be meeting and greeting at the front door. Please wait here, where it is signed, to be taken to your table before entering the building
  • If you’re just drinking or want to a light meal book the Bar or Garden, shown as Bar Seating or Outdoor Seating on Open Table
  • The garden is at the call of the weather gods. We do have some cover but if it’s throwing it down, you may need to rethink. We can’t hold empty table inside just incase. Obviously with the Great British weather this won’t be a problem, but we thought we should mention it
  • No drinks only bookings in the Dining Room (this shows as regular seating on Open Table)
  • Maximum table size is 8. Please don’t book multiple tables for larger groups, we will cancel your bookings
  • We’ve worked super hard to get Pint Shop as safe as possible, we’re confident in what we’ve achieved and we hope that the signage will be self explanatory. If it’s not then please just ask
  • The menu and drinks offer is amazing as always, but if your a regular you will notice it’s a little slimmer than usual whilst we get back on our feet
We’ve tried to keep this is simple as possible and as normal as possible. Please bear with us if it’s not perfect yet, we will get there.
We cannot wait to see you all, your support has kept us strong through what has been some incredibly challenging months. Thank you