Big Jack’s Lager Fest

Lager. Lager. Lager.

Bank Holiday Weekend
25th – 27th August 2017
From 12pm onwards

Join Big Jack for a big bank holiday weekend of lager and live music.

Lager is a classic style of beer that generally gets a bad rep. Little do you beer drinkers know, a decent lager is much harder for a brewer to make. They are generally not as hoppy as pales or IPAs so any imperfections in the beer are always noticed.

 So that’s why we’ll be celebrating all types of bottom fermented beers, from Kolsch to Berlinerweisse, Pilsner to Dunkelbock, Altbier to Witbier and a few eyebrow raisers chucked in for good measure.

What to look out for over the weekend:

Pilsner (Pils) Pilzen, Czech Repbulic

This is one of the most common styles of lager around today. Only Pilsner Urquell is allowed to call it’s self a true Pilsner.

Kölsch (Köln) Cologne, Germany

A dryer style of lager, popular with brewers at the moment. Only beers brewed in Cologne are allowed to call themselves Kölsch, so most people will call their beer a Köln instead, the German name for Cologne.

Weissbier, Hefeweizen, Kristallweizen German

Germany has many different styles of wheat beer, they are generally personified by having a banana and clove flavour to them. Weiss is the standard, Hefeweizen normally doesn’t have the yeast filtered out, Kristallweizen is a clear wheat beer.

Wit, Witbier Belgium

Belgium wheat beers normally have a coriander & orange flavour to them, and are typically served unfiltered.

Berliner Weisse Berlin, Germany

A sour beer, generally low in ABV, and a beer that brewers love to make as it’s different from the hop forward beers that they usually make. Routinely paired with a juicy or citrusy fruit.

India Pale Lager, IPL USA, USA, USA

Hopped up version of a standard lager, normally made with toasted malt, generally 5.5%+

Plus some pretty special beers to watch out for over the weekend:

Cloudwater x Dry & Bitter – Let There Be Love

Northern Alchemy – Lavender Berliner Weisse (Oxford Only)

Wild Beer – Chronos

Elusive x Eight Arch – Felix & The Fruit Machine

Ghost Brew Co – Hades

Lindheim – We Juice : Rhubarb (Cambridge Only, in Bottles)

Lost & Grounded x Moor Beer – Uber Keller

Gänställer Bräu – Rauch Royal

Live music / DJs all weekend to get this party going.
Plus Big Green Egg BBQ *Cambridge only

Look forward to seeing you there

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