Gin for elephants?

It’s not gin for elephants, don’t be ridiculous!

Elephant Gin 

Style: London Dry

Main Botanicals: African spices such as Baobab, Lions Tale, Devils Claw and Buchy.

Distillery: Elephant Gin, Germany

The inspiration behind this African inspired gin is rather lovely. It came about whilst reminiscing about the old traditional ‘Sun-Downer’ drinks usually enjoyed after a day out in the South African bush. These commonly consisted of the classic G&T.

The African inspiration is certainly evident with just one sip of this gin that is made using 14 different botanicals, including rare African ingredients such as Baobab, Lion’s Tale and Buchy, that have never been used in a gin before!

As if we didn’t need it, there is also another reason to buy and drink Elephant Gin, every bottle purchased contributes 15% to 2 foundations that are devoted to the conservation of wildlife in Africa.

No need to feel guilty now for drinking this spicy African inspired Gin. 

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