Gin made from peas?

We’re pretty big on our Gin here at Pint Shop, and with over 100 on offer it can be rather tough deciding which 1 or 3 to try.

So to celebrate World Gin Day this Saturday 10th June, our chief drinks buyer here at Pint Shop, Sam has picked out his ‘Top 4 Gins’ that deserve an extra mention.

Starting with possibly the most random gin we have on offer at Pint Shop P Gin.

P Gin

ABV: 41%  

Style: London Dry

Main Botanicals: Juniper, Garden Peas, Mint, Coriander and Cucumber

Distiller: Will Lowe – Cambridge Distillery

P Gin is a truly artisanal small batch gin from story to production. This gin was distilled for the opening of the Pint Shop in Cambridge; it’s distilled in bathes of 6 Bottles, about as small batch as they come!

The idea was to create something that was classic, but with an unconventional twist.  Will Lowe had been trying to distill garden peas for the gin, and couldn’t quite get the flavours he was looking for. He stopped for the day and went home to his wife who was cooking peas for dinner; the smell was exactly what he was looking for! After taking the temperature of the boiling water he went straight back to the Distillery to try again and it worked better than he had imagined.

An intense Pea note is undercut with coriander and Mint, with Juniper still at the forefront.

This is the only known gin to be distilled with garden peas in the world and only sold at pint shop – definitely worth trying out.

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