The Beckett list


Next up on our Gin-Tastic list is Becketts

ABV: 40%

Style: London Dry

Main Botanicals: Juniper, Lime, Orris Root, Sweet Orange Peel, Coriander & Mint

Distillery: Kingston Distillers, Surrey

A very British affair distilled in the heart of England. Becketts uses just 6 botanicals to deliver a warm, aromatic and bittersweet finish. Lime and coriander from Morocco, sweet orange peel from Spain and Italian orris root plus locally grown and picked juniper berries picked Box Hill (with the permission of National Trust and Natural England of course) and mint grown from the nearby Kingston.

Becketts are also doing their bit for the preservation of Juniper berries, which unsurprisingly given the Brits love of Gin, is in steep decline. To help combat this Becketts are working with the National Trust and Forestry commission to create a new population of Juniper in Surrey.

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